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the whole time i was waiting an good scare nice game



I played this game a bit ago, it was great for what it currently is! (I was so afraid there would just be a monster following me the whole time) :0

Amazing game for as short as it is, I am hoping you guys doing more for the game, definately something I will consider playing hardcore, I love scary games! XD and this one the ambient noises and all, were almost enough although nothing happened much I was always at a sense that some shit was gonna go down! great job, and thank you for giving me the experience!

Hello, thank you for the video. I tried to make game more atmospheric and create a suspense. I hate horror games where everything based on cliche jumpscares.

This game is most definitely in very early stages and I think with more time put in to it, it can be a really good indie horror game. It started off fairly good but It kinda end weak, That being said, I will give you credit for the fact you're making this by yourself and doing everything yourself with no previous experience in game development too and I know how hard that is as I too have been learning how to use Unity 3D and it is tough stuff!. Anyway I did encounter bugs which is to be expected but this is why it's good that us youtuber's play these prototypes/demo's so that it can help you as a game developer to fix certain problems and improve upon things etc. Hope you enjoy my letsplay. Keep it up. :)

My video :

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Has great potential just short

but, but, but... i have updated it

is there mroe gameplay now our?

not much. like 10 mins